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DIY Party: Frozen Birthday Party Games, Printables & Decorations

Beth Kassay

Frozen Birthday Party (22)

Frozen Birthday Party (16)

Each Party begins with an invitation and Lisa from The Little Things was just right to take on designing Lily's Frozen Birthday Invitation and more!


Lisa designed a darling Frozen Birthday Invitation for Lily's friend's and family.  I sent Lisa several invitations I enjoyed the look of; I prefer a simple and sweet chalk board look...  With each invitation, I make a request on the back panel for a book instead of a card...  We come from a teaching family, books are everywhere in our home and we enjoy reading the new books from friends and family.  We also LOVE when friends and family sign the inside of the book, reminding us of the party and friend as we are reading bedtime stories.

Frozen Birthday Party (5)   Frozen Birthday Party (4)

Party Favors...

Party Favors are too much fun to create for kids.  For Lily's Frozen Party Lisa designed a round "Thank You Note" sticker for clear goodie bags which were filled with treats for kids AND adults...  There is no reason adults can not enjoy a special Frozen Treat!

Frozen Birthday Party (6)  Frozen Birthday Party (15)  Frozen Birthday Party (25)

Each of the goodie bags was filled with Hershey Huggs (because Olaf loves warm hugs), with dark chocolate Kisses, Cookies N' Cream Kisses, and Hershy Kisses.  We chose the additional kisses because the colors coordinated beautifully with the other decorations.

Frozen Birthday Party (19)  Frozen Birthday Party (20)  Frozen Birthday Party (17)  Frozen Birthday Party (21)

Frozen Birthday Party (3)

Yummy Snacks and Food...

This was F-U-N...  Lisa created an adorable Frozen Letter Head for me to write a Menu onto!  After getting a little creative with food, we came up with

  • Pirate Booty as Olaf's Snowballs
  • Homemade Chex Mix with White Chocolate covered pretzels as Anna's Snack Mix
  • White Chocolate Covered Pretzels Snow Covered Pretzels
  • And More

Frozen Birthday Party (31)  Frozen Birthday Party (30)  Frozen Birthday Party (29)

Party Decorations...

This birthday banner I designed using my Cricut Explore machine.  I purchased 4x6 card stock in multiple colors (picking out the 'Frozen-like' colors) to save time from cutting banner rectangles one at a time.  On my Cricut Explore I designed used capital Paper Lace Font, each in the same height letter.  I also purchased the Frozen Cartridge (because who does not LOVE Frozen) to create the spaces between each word.  Using a glue stick, I glued each letter onto a 4x6 Frozen Colored card stock.  I tied all the letters together with yarn from my Crafting Area...

Frozen Birthday Party (41)

To finish of a few decorations; we bought a helium tank w balloons from the local wholesale store...  I put Andy in charge of blowing up all the 'Frozen-like' color balloons, arranging them through the yard and house.

Lily helped with the snowflakes...  I bought several packets of paper snowflakes from Amazon.  Lily stick tape on the back of each, scattering them through the house and yard.

Frozen Birthday Party (32)  Frozen Birthday Party (33)  Frozen Birthday Party (27)

How darling is the look of the fluffy paper pom poms in a Frozen Party...  Right!?!  I Loved them too...  Until I had to Fluff 12 of them!  I bought several of these fluffy paper pom poms, they arrive flat almost like a paper fan and you need to 'fluff' them out.  Which by the 3rd one I was about to lose my FROZEN MIND!  If you have the patience of a Saint, go for it, but I will be forgoing the fluffy paper pom poms for all future parties, lol

Frozen Birthday Party (26)

Frozen Party Games...

Snowball Toss... Can's get much easier then a Snowball toss in July, right?!?  Create a Summer Time Snowball toss using oversized white pom poms, water, and hoola-hoops.  Grab 2 bowls; one for white pom poms, one for water.  The water is used to weigh down the white pom poms, otherwise they would blow around outside.

Fill the bowls and place the hoola hoops in front of the bowls.  Choose an arrangement for hoola hoops, we just lined the one in front of the other.  You could even place a value on each hoola hoop, for the older kids.  Line the kids up, dunk one white pom pom into the water and toss into the hoola hoops...  And walk away...  Really, let the kids play as the would like, with out rules and help.  Trust me, they will survive and have a wonderful time!

Frozen Birthday Party (47)  Frozen Birthday Party (45)  Frozen Birthday Party (44)  Frozen Birthday Party (38)

Elsa's Bubbles...Frozen Birthday Party (42)

I have created Bubble Stations for the Kid's Parties and it couldn't be easier...  I followed some of the instructions from here.  Supplies:

I kinda followed the instructions in the link, but this is how I created an Elsa's Bubble Station...  Spray paint the detergent bottle (following the instructions on the spray paint bottle), it took about 2 coats and DO NOT accidentally throw away the screw top!  Mix together the bubbles ingredients (water, soap, glycerin) in the dried (lol) detergent bottle. Decorate the outside with snowflakes from the home decore above or cut out your own.

Set up a kiddie table with the bubbles, plastic cups, and bubble wands.  The kids can choose a cup, pour bubbles into the cups, and pick a special wand to blow Elsa Bubbles!

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