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Hanging Flower Planters from a Fence

Beth Kassay

Flowers on Fence (27)I can only assume you have read about my Killer Green Thumb, but in-case you haven’t read: here and here and here

And then I learned about perennial flowers; I read about getting a little creative with flower planters…  Once I created my own I knew my Killer Green Thumb was (slowly) going to be a thing of the past (stinkers, I just jinxed myself, lol).

Stacked Terracotta Pots (3)    Stacked Terracotta Pots (11)    Stacked Terracotta Pots (6)

Flowers on Fence (23)

Moving onto our backyard… I realized how old, boring, and dingy our picket fence is…  And I knew I needed to do something about it.  Then when I happened upon decorative serving buckets at a local store and I knew what needed to be done:

Lily & Frog Supplies:

  • Metal Drink Serving Bucket
  • Rope
  • Drill Gun
  • Potting soil
  • Flowers of your choice

Lily & Frog Instructions:

Start with flipping the serving bucket upside down, drilling holes in the bottom…  This is for water drainage when watering the flowers.  Drill as many holes as you think is necessary to allow for drainage of the water.  In my case, I snagged my hunky husband, asking him to drill holes in the bottom of the serving bucket.

Grab your rope, our serving buckets have two handles; I threaded the rope through the handles with enough slack to wrap over the fence.  I created a square knot with the rope to secure it into place.

Flowers on Fence (13)    Flowers on Fence (14)

Once the knots are tied, fill with dirt and your plants… and hang from the fence…

Flowers on Fence (12)    Flowers on Fence (6)

And your finished!Flowers on Fence

For this planter:

  • Flowers:  Pete’s Gold Carpet, Super Bells and vines.  I chose these annuals because they can create an over flowing and cascading look when they are draped over the edge of the planter.Flowers on Fence (2)
  • Location: When planting the flowers, I chose to position Flowers on Fence (15)them along the edge which was furthest from the fence, ensuring they would hang over the edge and overflow beautifully.  There was a few times the vines started climbing up the fence, in these instances, I used tooth picks to re-direct the growth or threaded the vines through the handles.
  • Planter: This planter can be heavy, to lighten the load I use the plastic containers the plants came in…  Simply placing the plastic container upside down in the bottom of the planter, placing dirt around and over them.  Then planting flowers where you would like them.  You are basically creating ‘bubbles’ in the planter and they are 2/3 lighter than when you started.

Flowers on Fence (16)    Flowers on Fence (4)    Flowers on Fence (8)    Flowers on Fence (3)    Flowers on Fence

Have you ever used a planter in your gardens, other than a standard planter?  Send me your ideas, I would LOVE to try something NEW!

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