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Hello Kitty Birthday Tutu

Beth Kassay

A 3 year old girl, tutus, Birthday party, and Hello Kitty…  This is the fun part of being a crafty Mom!

Lily asked for a Hello Kitty party to celebrate her 3rd birthday, clearly I was 110% on board for this one…  Designing a Hello Kitty tutu was #1 on my To-Do List!

Lily LOVED rocking this tutu...  running through the house dragging her Hello Kitty behind her from room to room.

Lily's T-shirt from Little Hunny Pot Designs with Hello Kitty wearing a purple Birthday Hat and a pink #3 were a perfect combination with this pink and purple tutu..

Hello Kitty Birthday Party (15)  Hello Kitty Birthday Party (13)  Hello Kitty Birthday Party (12)

This Hello Kitty Tutu was designed with layers of tulle are shades of pale lavender and hot pink, I threw in a few extra layers of lavender tulle to add extra fluff and puff!  Each layer of tulle is trimmed with satin ribbon in a variety of shades of pink and lavender, with a few ribbons of lavender polka dots and hot pink polka dots, and of course Hello Kitty and cupcake satin ribbon.  To accompany this tutu, I designed some hot pink rosettes, which incorporate the hot pink satin ribbon and Hello Kitty Ribbon.  This would be a perfect gift for a Birthday Girl, wrapped with some Hello Kitty shades and activity book!  L-O-V-E!

Each Lily & Frog tutu is custom-made, so no two tutus are ever the same. I will be happy to discuss with you a tutu which works best for your little prima ballerina while maintaining a classic pattern with a wholesome and delicate design, finished off with a sprinkle of Lily & Frog flair!

Tutus are available in a variety of sizes (size 6 months to toddler sizes), assortment of colors, coordinated hair accessories are NOT included.  Starting price for a custom designed tutu is $40.00 and may vary slightly from there.

How to place an order: Visit our Shop or contact Elizabeth directly at info@lilyandfrog.com.  If a product above is not shown in our shop, please contact Elizabeth directly for a custom order.

Visit our Shop for purchasing. You may also e-mail Lily & Frog directly at info@lilyandfrog.com.

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