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How to: DIY High Flying Super Hero Cape

Beth Kassay

Have you read our D.I.Y. Super Hero Cape Shield Instructions...  Take a look for designing a special shield to go with your Super Hero Cape.  The Super Hero Capes I design for toddlers are quite adorable if I do say so myself ;)  And I though I would share with you exactly how I create each of my designs...

Lily & Frog Supplies:DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (16)

  • 1 yard of flannel fabric for the outside (In this tutorial, purple)
  • 1 yard of flannel fabric for the underside (In this tutorial, white), I normally choose white
  • Thread (color of your choice)
  • 1 yard of ribbon (I use Grosgrain Ribbon)
  • Tape Measure
  • Chalk
  • T-Shirt (for neckline size)

Lily & Frog Instructions:

Begin with prewashing the fabric all your fabric.  If washing everything together, wash with a Color Catcher (they are AMAZING) to prevent the colors from bleeding.  Prewashing will shrink the fabric BEFORE sewing everything together.  If you do not prewash the fabric will likely shrink and the shape will be lost.

Fold each color fabric in half, the fold will be 1 yard long.  Lay both colors flat, laying the folds one on top of the other (You can also enlist the help of the Super Hero).  The fold will run straight down the center of the cape.

DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (4)  DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (6)

To create the neckline, center a t-shirt on the fold of the cape fabric.  To create a slightly wider neckline, scoot the t-shirt in a little more (about 1-2 inches).  Use the edge of the shirt as a pattern and with the chalk, drew out your neckline and the beginning curve of the shoulder.

DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (2)

Using a tape measure you will draw the length of the cape.  Beginning at the end of the shoulder just drawn, lay the tape measure out as straight as possible, until you get the desired length, width, and look (remember how tall your toddler is and the fabric of folded in half).  When you reach the end, draw a slightly curved line from the end of the length to the fold of the cape... DO NOT create a C shape, it is a C shape cut horizontally.

DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (3)  DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (5)

Cut through all 4 layers of fabric...  Cutting through 4 layers can be difficult, if you have a cutting board, rotary cutter and ruler, use it!

Unfold the cut fabric.

Apply the Super Hero Shield you designed by ironing it to the "Nice' side of the purple fabric.

DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (7)  DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (8)

Lay the fabric flat with the 'Nice' sides touching, pin the 3 long sides together leaving the neckline open.  Sew a 1/4 in seam on all 3 long sides, beginning and ending with a back stitch.

DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (10)  DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (11)

Snip the corners, flip the cape right-side out and iron the whole cape flat.

DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (12)  DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (13)

Fold the neckline into the cape; hiding the cut edge and iron it flat.

DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (14)  DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (15)

To attach the necktie, you will need the ribbon and pins.  I decide the length of ribbon by tying a bow in the ribbon and adding the length of ribbon to go around the child's neck.  Once the ribbon is cut, heat seam the edges to prevent the ribbon from fraying.  Find the center of the ribbon, find the center of the neckline.  Lay the edge of the ribbon on the top edge of the neckline, and align the center of the ribbon with the center of the neckline.  Pin and sew the ribbon into place.  When I sew it into place, I sew a rectangle following the lines which connect the cape and ribbon.  I will also sew a straight line along all 3 long edges...  because it looks pretty ;)

DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (17)  DIY Toddler Super Hero Cape (18)

And you are all FINISHED!

Caped Crusader Super Hero Cape (2)  Caped Crusader Super Hero Cape (3)

I look forward to seeing all of your Super Hero Capes and Shield Designs!  Please share them to info@lilyandfrog.com or in the comments and tell me how this DIY project worked out for you!

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