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Keepsake Blanket Need-To-Know

At Lily & Frog we believe "Families are like quilts & blankets, lives pieced together, stitched with smiles and tears, colored with memories, and bound by love..."

Yes, Elizabeth is That Blanket Lady, the one who creates cozy timeless blankets from some of your most cherished memories. We are glad you decided to learn more about our Keepsake Blanket designs. Clothing holds some of our most precious and heartfelt memories; from the day our child was carried home from the hospital, the time they made the winning goal, landed their first back handspring, learned to swim, the first time their eyes met with Mickey Mouse...  or the day they walked down the aisle at graduation.  

At Lily & Frog, Elizabeth will turn beloved memories into a handmade, warm, cozy, and unforgettable blanket to cuddle day in and day out. We hope to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding the purchase and design of your own Keepsake Blanket.  

What is a Keepsake Blanket:  Keepsake Blankets are designed entirely of the clothing and accessories you hold most dear. Clothing which was once stored away in a garbage bag in the back of an attic; Elizabeth breathes new life into the items, stitching memories together into a charming and lovely Keepsake Blanket. Her blankets can be displayed over the back of a couch, folded on the end of a bed, hanging on the wall as a reminder of a lost moment. 

How do I know what Keepsake Blanket to choose: There are two Keepsake Blanket options, each available in five sizes; small to extra-extra large.  The blankets are listed in Keepsake Blanket Shop. The options are not limited to ones listed, each blanket is completely custom made to your needs and wants. Please see details below...

Lily & Frog Keepsake Baby Clothing Blanket designed using clothing sizes from one year old to toddler clothing, blankets, sheets, and baby items. This blanket consists of smaller squares (9"x9") (compared to the T-Shirt Blanket) many pieces of tiny clothing, loads of tiny details, and an abundance of love is put into this blanket. 
  • Small Blanket (Playmat Size):  $225* + Shipping, measuring approximately about 3.75'x3.75'* requires 25 total shirts, onesies, hats, etc required
  • Medium Blanket (Small Lap Size): $270* + Shipping, measuring approximately 3.75'x4.5'* requires 30 total shirts, onesies, hats, etc required
  • Large Blanket (Lap Size): $357* + Shipping, measuring approximately 4.5'x5.25x* requires 35 total shirts, onesies, hats, etc required
  • Extra Large Blanket (Large Lap Size): $408* + Shipping, measuring approximately 4.5'x6' and requiring 48  total shirts, onesies, hats, etc required

Lily & Frog Keepsake T-Shirt Blanket designed using 12"x12" squares of Adult T-Shirts only and available in a variety of colors and sizes.  T-Shirt Blankets are designed with a solid color warm & cozy fleece back panel in a coordinating color:

  • Small blanket (Lap Blanket): $144.00* + Shipping, measuring approximately about 4' x 4' and requires 16 T-shirts
  • Medium Blanket (Throw Blanket): $206.25* + Shipping, measuring approximately about 5'x5' and requires 25 T-shirt
  • Large Blanket (Small Twin Blanket): $247.50* + Shipping, measuring approximately about 5'x6' and requires 30 T-shirt.
  • Extra Large Blanket (Small Twin Blanket): $280.00* + Shipping, measuring approximately about 5'x7' and requires 35 T-shirt.
  • Extra Extra Large Blanket (Long Twin Blanket): $320.00* + Shipping, measuring approximately about 5'x8' and requires 40 T-shirt.

      What clothing do you accept: If you are questioning an item, just ask. If you are looking for specific clothing fabrics; leather or socks may not be incorporated into the blanket and baby clothing smaller than 12 months, 1 year, and premie size will be used in a special design plan (Contact us if you have these small items, pricing will be adjusted to accommodate them). Some clothing, fabrics, and clothing sizes are more difficult to work with than others; i.e. a fuzzy, furry, polka dotted three-eyed Monster Halloween costume. At times incorporating clothing into a blanket is similar to squeezing a round bouncy ball flat; it will never be perfect. 

      How do you use pockets, zippers, velcro, snaps, ruffles, and more?  All are incorporated, in some way...  But each item of clothing is slightly different. Pockets may be able to be opened or hand sewn shut, depending on the clothing zippers and snaps may be sewn closed, ruffles will fluff and flow, bows will bounce...  and more.


      I would like a Quilt with Batting:  Our handmade Keepsake Clothing Blankets are NOT bound together with binding and/or batting; the front and back panels are hand sewn together with a warm and cozy fleece backing in any solid color of your choice.  We do not accept the request to add binding or batting, due to the nature of the clothing provided if we add binding and/or batting, we feel the blanket is far too heavy and bulky for the delicate clothing provided.

      Do I get to choose my own back panel color: Absolutely! Included in the listing price is a warm and cozy fleece backing in a solid color of your choice. If you would like a back panel with a design or pattern, sports team, or design there is an added charge.  Please click Add-Ons for pricing and details.

      Can I add a name or birthday: Absolutely! Please click Add-Ons for pricing and details.

      What is the current turnaround time:  All items are designed, created and sewn solely by Elizabeth. With that being said, unfortunately, the current Supply chair issues have started to impact my Small Business' turn around time. Please be aware orders average a 3-4 week turnaround (UPDATED Oct 2021). Elizabeth strives to ship from CT as quickly as possible. Keepsake blanket turnaround time for LOCAL Clients is 8-10 weeks, for NON-LOCAL Clients turnaround time is TBD based on shipping. If you need an item by a specific date, please contact Elizabeth via e-mail at info@lilyandfrog.com and purchase a rush listing. Please Shop Accordingly... 

      What do I need to do: As our Client, you are responsible for a few things...

      1. You are responsible for shipment clothing to us. Upon purchase, you will receive an e-mail with our address. Once t-shirts are received, you will get an e-mail regarding its arrival.  Turnaround time for NON-LOCAL Clients varies, we average 8-10 weeks from the date t-shirts are DELIVERED to CT. The blanket should ship from CT 8-10 weeks from the date you approve the design layout. If you live locally to us in CT, please e-mail us at info@lilyandfrog.com to arrange for drop-off/pick-up because shipping clothing and completed blankets can be costly.
      2. Each piece of clothing will be cut to accommodate my design plan. If there is an important picture, image, word, etc you would like used, you MUST let me know with a note pinned to the shirt.
      3. You will receive a image of our Design Layout for approval.  This is when you make change requests, i.e. moving items, change back panel color, etc. Changes may NOT be made once the Design Layout is approved.
      4. All leftover shirt pieces are donated to local organizations or groups (my kids' preschool teacher uses them for painting smacks and color matching). If you would like to keep any leftover pieces, please include a note with the shipment.

      What is your return policy?  Due to the custom-made nature, we do not accept returns or exchanges.  Please ask as many questions as you would like before placing an order to ensure we are on the same page. Once you have approved your design, no changes may be made. We will be in constant communication regarding the design. Upon delivery, if you request a change to be made of a completed design, the client is responsible for delivering the item to us for changes, there is a $25 per hour Request Change Charge (hours will vary based on the requested change, we will supply an estimate of cost). We will meet your request to the best of our ability. Payment for the Estimate of Time Invoice is required in cash to begin changes.  Upon completion, if there is a difference in Estimate of Time on completion, the remainder is due before delivery. Payment for Estimate of Time is accepted in cash ONLY. We strive to put a smile on your face and ensure your Keepsake blanket is just as you envision upon the original design approval, please do NOT hesitate to request changes, moving items, or to ask questions before sewing begins, that is what we are here for.  

      A GIANT Thank You to all of our clients for their constant patience, understanding, and support...  All items are designed solely by Elizabeth, as a Law Enforcement Officer's Wife and Stay-at-Home Mom running a small business from home with 2 toddlers running around her feet...  family comes first.

      xo, B