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DIY Party: Monster Truck Birthday Party Games, Printables & Decorations

Beth Kassay

Monster Truck Birthday (22)

Invitations...  Tamar, of Tamar Invitations, has already designed several of our party printables and decorations... Lily's Hello Kitty Birthday Party, her Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party and Zach's Super Hero Birthday Party.  The printables and invitations are always adorable, Tamar delivered a rough and tough Monster Truck Invitations.

Monster Truck Birthday (26)  Monster Truck Birthday (24)

She also created "Thank You" tags for Zach's Cake Pop Party Favors...  I cut each of the below images out, poked a hole in the corner, and tied the ribbon around the stick.

Monster Truck Birthday (25)

Monster Truck Decoration...  we borrowed a friend's giant, blue"Monster Truck" parked it in the driveway and let the kids take pictures in front of it, and hang out!  HUGE Success!!

Monster Truck Birthday (7)  Monster Truck Birthday (2)  Monster Truck Birthday (5)

 Party Game...  I was not too sure what games to create for Zach's Monster Truck Party.  For his Lightning McQueen Party I had created box cars for the kids to race around the driveway in.  This time around I was not interested in putting in the time it takes to create Monster Trucks from boxes again...  Plus I was fresh outta boxes, lol.  Instead we set up a Potato Sack Race for the kids...  another Mom WIN!  Using sidewalk chalk, I created 4 lanes for the kids to race in...  Then I let the kids make their own game from there.  They had a blast being in charge of their own game.

Monster Truck Birthday (31)  Monster Truck Birthday (29)  Monster Truck Birthday (27)  Monster Truck Birthday (10)

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