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Steven Universe: DIY Steven Universe Costume

Beth Kassay

Do your kids (and husband) LOVE Toy Story? Zach & Lily are obsessed!

Alas, Zach had ZERO interest in being Woody from Toy Story for Halloween this year - but no one is upset about it, because Daddy has a FUN T-Rex (Rex) costume, Love is Jessie, and Mom is Slinky Dog. Zach chose Steven Universe and I have NO idea who Steven Universe was - Until I realized how truly EASY this costume was.

Lily & Frog Materials:

  • Salmon color long sleeve t-shirt
  • athletic gold (yellow) HTV
  • Heat Press or Iron
  • Cricut Design Space for designing (shapes and sounds within Design Space)
  • blue jeans from our closet

Lily & Frog Instructions:

1.  The Shirt: Rummage through your closets, donation centers, or online shopping...  I purchased a salmon color long sleeve youth t-shirt from our t-shirt Warehouse. Working from a googled image of Steven Universe, I started designing in Design Space. Please remember, I'm NOT a graphic designer, I'm a creative Mom making a Halloween costume... 

In Design Space, I used a star from a previous design, enlarged it to about 7" - Click Make it - Cut athletic gold (yellow) HTV accordingly - and follow steps for cutting HTV. Weed star design - Place on t-shirt where desired - Heat in place per HTV instructions


 2.  Jeans: Rummage through your closets, donation centers, or online shopping...  I found blue jeans for this costume in Z's closet.

I L-O-V-E this costume…  He makes an adorable Steven Universe with our Toy Story Family, if I do say so myself!  


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