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Toy Story: DIY Jessie Costume

Beth Kassay

Do your kids (and husband) LOVE Toy Story? Zach & Lily are obsessed!

Alas, Zach had ZERO interest in being Woody from Toy Story for Halloween this year - but no one is upset about it, because Daddy has a FUN T-Rex (Rex) costume, Love is Jessie, and Mom is Slinky Dog. Let the crafting begin!

Lily & Frog Materials:

  • White long sleeve t-shirt
  • red glitter, white glitter, silver glitter, athletic gold (yellow) HTV
  • Heat Press or Iron
  • Cricut Design Space for designing (shapes and sounds within Design Space)
  • Red cowgirl hat from Amazon
  • blue jeans from our closet
  • 1 yard cow print fabric from Joann's

Lily & Frog Instructions:

1.  The Shirt: Rummage through your closets, donation centers, or online shopping...  I purchased a white long sleeve youth t-shirt from our t-shirt Warehouse. Working from a googled image of Jessie's button down shirt, I started designing in Design Space, please remember, I'm NOT a graphic designer, I'm a creative Mom making a Halloween costume... Using multiple parts and tools within Design Space: Circle, square, and font called Nymphette.


Measure the t-shirt: Measure the distance from armpit to armpit and distance from shoulder seam down to bottom of design (your choice), do this on the front and back (back is a little longer). Also, measure the circumference of the wrist of the long sleeve shirt, exactly where you would like the yellow design placed.

Front Yellow Panel: In Design Space, create a rectangle of the measured size for the front yellow panel - lock the size - shrink it down to be visible on the the computer screen. Evenly place ovals along the bottom edge to create the scalloped edge, slice the rectangle with the ovals, delete the excess. We will make the back panel in a moment.

Red loops and dashes: Search fonts available via Cricut and online, in an attempt to duplicate it as closely as possible. I discovered Nymphette Font which I would describe as whimsical and twirly (lol). Scrolling the font, I found whimsical letters which I was confident enough to edit and shape to my needs...  And I think I did a pretty good job. The dashes were created using a rectangle with curved corners placed evenly along the curve of the scalloped edge.

Back Yellow Panel: Place the whimsical twirls and the dashes on the front yellow panel where you would like them - select the whole design - Click Group - Click Duplicate - now you have 2 Front Panels! On the back panel - attach and weld a rectangle to the top to make it a little taller.

Buttons: Simple circles in white and silver glitter HTV - nothing fancy there.

Sleeve: In Design Space, create a rectangle of the measured size for the circumference of the wrist, lock the size and shrink it down to be visible on the the computer screen. Duplicate the red loops created for the front panel - shrink it down to sensible size for wrists - duplicate shrunk red loops - attach end to end to create a continuous looped line as long as your yellow rectangle (duplicate as much as needed) - Weld the red loops together when finished - select the whole sleeve design - Click Group - Click Duplicate - now you have 2 sleeve designs!

Once the whole design is completed in Design Space, enlarge to desired size for the long sleeve shirt - Click Make it - cut red glitter, white glitter, silver glitter, athletic gold (yellow) HTV accordingly - and follow steps for cutting HTV.

Assembling Design: Weed the red glitter, white glitter, silver glitter, athletic gold (yellow) HTV once cutting is completed. Layout design in layers (as steps for pressing). I assembled in yellow, red, silver glitter, and white glitter. Beginning with the yellow front and back panel, cut the neckline accordingly - place on t-shirt - heat in place per HTV instructions. Continue with remaining layers and colors.


 2.  Jeans & Pants: Rummage through your closets, donation centers, or online shopping...  I found blue jeans in L's closet white was super helpful. SUPER easy slip stitch. We use a pair of comfortable jeans from her closet, using it as a template, traced the pant leg (x2) allowing for about a 1/2 to 1 in seam, and cut the fabric. I used a basic slip stitch along the edge to sew the cow fabric to the pant leg. This was nothing fancy or permanent...  After Halloween I planned to remove the cow print for Love to re-wear her jeans.

3. Cow Print skirt: Keeping in mind my Tutu Designs, I created cow print skirt with an elastic waisted.  Please check out the instruction for my tutus, because they will certainly help... not perfect in any way, but they'll help (please e-mail me at info@lilyandfrog.com if you have questions). I made a cow print skirt because Love needed to wear this costume for her dance classes and it needed to be "dance-able".


4. Red Hat: Red cowgirl hat from Amazon

I L-O-V-E this costume…  We make one adorable Toy Story Family (with Steven Universe), if I do say so myself!  


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