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DIY Party: Super Hero Birthday Party Printables & Decorations

Beth Kassay

Super Hero Birthday Party (87)

Tamar, of Tamar Invitations, and her Alice In Wonderland invitation were a smashing success for Lily’s Mad Hatter Tea Party Birthday, I knew she would be the perfect individual to design Zach’s Super Hero Birthday decorations, invitation, and games. I sent Tamar some information on Zach's Favorite Super Heroes, and a few key phrases to add (i.e. Wonder Mom, Super Dad, etc); Tamar was well on her way to designing the perfect invitation, place cards, party favors, birthday banner, water bottle labels, AND party games!  Zach's Birthday Invitation included a "Calling to all Super Heroes," meeting at a Secret Lair, and RSVP'ing to Wonder Mom & Super Dad!

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Happy Birthday Banner!

Super Hero Birthday Party (86)

I have a soft spot for a fun and creative birthday banner…  I wanted each letter printed on it’s own sheet of paper and in between each word would be an icon from different Super Heroes.  All the sheets of paper were to be strung together and hung over the fireplace, just as I did for Lily’s Birthday Banner.

Super Hero Birthday Party (80)  Super Hero Birthday Party (89)  Super Hero Birthday Party (88)

We used the same measurements (and paper) from Lily's Birthday Banner, the only difference, in this instance I scotch taped the yarn (I already had in the house) to the back of the letters.  It was too much work on Lily's Birthday Banner to punch holes, tie yarn and string it all through...  When you do it, just don't order the letters backwards, 3 times, lol.

Super Hero Decorations!

Creating Wall decorations for a Super Hero Birthday Party...  Stumped me!  I searched online and to be honest, I was not interested in re-constructing boxes into a city skyline...  That was WAY too much work, I have very little time on my hands. Since I felt like I hit a little party-planner's block, I called in the reinforcements!

I asked for Andrew help...  This is ALL his idea... Andrew snagged a few of his old comic books, and giving me permission, I began ripping out the pages to decorate the walls and table with images.  I know, I was just as shocked as you are (well I'm assuming you are), that he allowed his precious childhood comic books be ripped into sheets of paper and taped to the walls.  In his defense, Andrew only handed over comic books which he knows are worthless, which he knows he was not interested in keeping, and which he would not be interested in sharing with Zach.

Super Hero Birthday Party (98)  Super Hero Birthday Party (106)  Super Hero Birthday Party (99)

After I was 110% sure I had permission to use them, I began ripping...  And taping the comic book pages to the walls.

There was a slight method to my madness, as there always is (sometimes, lol), I grouped the pages based on the comic book hero (not too earth shattering, I know).  As well, I printed out extra Super Hero's shields from place holders and a few "POW" "BLAM" comic book terms.  I cut them out, tied string to them, hanging them from the chandelier and taping them to the walls.  SUPER EASY!

Super Hero Birthday Party (94)  Super Hero Birthday Party (95)

Super Hero Birthday Party (92)

Tamar also created "Super Energy"  Water Bottle Labels.

Right, Super-Duper cheesy, but it is for a kid's party, so why not, right?!?  This time around, I learned a few lessons from Lily's Mad Hatter Tea Party "Drink Me" Water Bottles... This time around, I was sure to laminate the paper...  And I cheated with the laminating, I just grabbed some packing tape, sticking it across the labels once printed.

By doing this, there almost no bleeding from the ink into ice buckets! After the party, I heard from a guest...  They brought home with them 2-3 of the "Super Energy" water bottles for their grandson, who was unable to make the party.  And their grandson LOVES his Super Energy water, informing them he needs to take a break to get strong with his 'Super Energy.'  I L-O-V-E IT!  Too Cute!

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Super Hero Birthday Party (83)

Chocolate Bar Party Favors

I prefer to keep my party favors as simple as possible…

Tamar design of a chocolate bar label for Lily’s party favor.  I sent her a little message from the birthday boy and from there, Tamar got to work.

On my side, I grabbed a big box of Hershey bars from our local grocery store.  After printing the labels, wrap the Hershey bars in the labels, gluing into place.  I have to toot my own horn on this one…  Not only is this a wicked simple favor, but everyone LOVES chocolate, right?

Super Hero Birthday Party (83)  Super Hero Birthday Party (85)

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