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Keepsake Blanket: For a Mother of 5

Beth Kassay

Handmade Keepsake Baby Clothing Blanket

Before you donate all the clothing your little tikes have grown out of, send them to me.  I'll be the person to create a Keepsake Blanket from you baby's "Coming home from the hospital onesie"... that onesie you can't bear the thought of parting with...  The first Christmas suit, the first dance recital tutu, the receiving blanket you spend sleepless nights rocking them to sleep wrapped in, the footed PJ's which melt your heart...  Let me turn them into a Keepsake Blanket to treasure for a lifetime.

This Keepsake Blanket was designed through and through with a Mom & Dad's Memories.  This blanket includes items from a family of five children's clothing...  Some clothing worn by all four of their boys.  If you look closely, you will find a Christening gown and several suites, PJs, a snow suite, hats and bibs, NEW baby announcements, drawings, Easter gowns, several footed PJS, and many sentimental t-shirts...   Each of the items too small for a 9x9 square design are backed with fabric from Mom & Dad; every piece in this blanket holds a special place in the family's heart.  Each 9x9 sqaure of clothing is 100% different from the one next to it...

Handmade Keepsake Baby Clothing Blanket (3)  Handmade Keepsake Baby Clothing Blanket (6)  Handmade Keepsake Baby Clothing Blanket (2)  Handmade Keepsake Baby Clothing Blanket (5)

The back of the blanket is lined in 100% cotton green and grey fabric sewn together to create a back panel.

Handmade Keepsake Baby Clothing Blanket (4)  Handmade Keepsake Baby Clothing Blanket (7)

Each Lily & Frog T-Shirt Blanket is entirely custom-designed, they cannot be duplicated exactly.  I will be happy to discuss with you a blanket which works best for your recipient while maintaining a classic quilted design, finished off with a sprinkle of Lily & Frog flair!


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