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Keepsake Blanket: Star Wars

Beth Kassay

Starwars T-Shirt Blanket (2)

A T-Shirt Blanket for a lifelong Star Wars fan…  I’m in LOVE with this blanket.  This blanket is designed entirely from my client's beloved Star Wars t-shirts!  This was a fun blanket to design, because I know nothing about Star Wars (I know, how terrible, right?!?) and looked for a little designing help from my husband and Zach!  Zach and his Dad just finished a Star Wars Movie Marathon, watching all 6 movies...  They know everything now, lol.

Starwars T-Shirt Blanket

This blanket is backed with lightweight, warm, and black cozy fleece.

Starwars T-Shirt Blanket (4)  Starwars T-Shirt Blanket (5)  Starwars T-Shirt Blanket (6)

Each Lily & Frog T-Shirt Blanket is entirely custom-designed, they cannot be duplicated exactly.  I will be happy to discuss with you a blanket which works best for your recipient while maintaining a classic quilted design, finished off with a sprinkle of Lily & Frog flair!


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