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The Little Mermaid: DIY Ariel & Flounder Costume

Beth Kassay

Do your kids LOVE The Little Mermaid?!? Lily is obsessed!

For Halloween Zach asked to be Alvin from Alvin & the Chipmunks (which was PERFECT for Hubby)! And of course Love was torn to be glittery and girly OR a Chipmunk?!? This was when Mom decided Lily could have 2 costumes...  She was Theodore for Zach's Alvin & the Chipmunks costume and she was Ariel to get her Girly Glam Glitter on!

After I had a plan in place, as any normal warm blooded 4 year old girl would want, L needed and wanted GLITTER! LOTS OF GLITTER! And a Best Friend... An Ariel and Flounder Costume was perfect for her! 

DIY instructions for the EASY Ariel Costume...


  • Cricut Cutting System & Supplies
  • Royal purple, lavender, black, royal blue, white, green, red HTV
  • White T-Shirt youth t-shirt
  • Yellow T-Shirt
  • Sea Shell cutout for Cricut
  • Flounder cutout from Cricut
  • Green Glitter fabric - any kind
  • Purple Tulle - any kind
  • Fabric elastic
  • Thread


1. Ariel Fin (Skirt) I winged it... Yes I did! I snagged a floor length skirt Love loved to wear, using it as a template for a green fin/skirt. I measured her waist and hip-to-floor length for help. Keeping in mind my Tutu Designs, I basically created a LONG elastic waisted skirt with green glitter fabric.  Please check out the instruction for my tutus, because they will certainly help... not perfect in any way, but they'll help (please e-mail me at info@lilyandfrog.com if you have questions). 


And to create the ruffle bottom of the fin, I loosed the thread tension on my sewing machine, sewed a straight stitch along the full length of the purple tulle - pulled one thread to create a long ruffle. Once completed, the purple tulle ruffle was sewn to the bottom of the green glitter skirt.


2.  Ariel Shirt:  Grab your white t-shirt, shades of purple HTV and Cricut Design Space.  Purchased the "Sea Shell" cutout from Cricut (for a sea shell cutout of your choosing), using Design Space, I adjusted the layout only slightly, laying 2 sea shells out to look like "Ariel Shells" chose a size appropriate for a kid and the size of the t-shirt - welded my design accordingly and clicked "Make It", cut my HTV accordingly, and hit GO

After weeding my sea shells, they were laid out onto the white t-shirt and heated into place with a heat press. they are PERFECT!

3.  Flounder Shirt:  Grab your supplies: black, royal blue, white, green, and red HTV, Design Space, yellow t-shirt, Flounder Cutout.  Purchase the Flounder Cutout from Design Space. The Flounder you purchase will NOT look like this...

 This design took many hours of editing...  I'm good at what I do, but digital design is not my gig. I had in my mind - the yellow shirt was the body of Flounder, I wanted to add the face and fins, but how was I going to do that? Once I completed my layout, I measured the t-shirt to accommodate the design, adjust the design to the shirt sizes needed, clicked "Make It", cut my HTV accordingly, and hit GO. After weeding my cut HTV, the colors were laid out onto the yellow t-shirt and heated into place with a heat press. they are PERFECT!


I L-O-V-E this costume…  We make one adorable Ariel & Flounder, if I do say so myself!  



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