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DIY Party: Frozen Birthday Party Special Guest Elsa

Beth Kassay

Frozen Birthday Party (40)

When Lily told is she would like an Frozen Birthday, we knew the first thing we needed to do was schedule a Queen Elsa to make am appearance...

Frozen Birthday Party (34)

And to Lily's complete shock and surprise (I believe she was stunned silent for the first time in her life!), Queen Elsa took the time out of her busy Queen schedule to visit Lily on her Birthday...  Lily did 'test' Elsa a little, asking where Anna and Kristoff were because they were invited.  Elsa politely explained they were taking time to work in the gardens (Meighan was good!).  Elsa also arrived with little treats for the kids; specifically heart shaped Frozen necklaces, Pirate Patches from Jake (and the Neverland Pirates) and some temporary tattoos.  Elsa spend some one-on-one time with each child; taking pictures, chatting, and updating them on the comings and goings of being the new Queen.

Elsa also stayed to play games, blow bubbles, and sing Happy Birthday with Lily...  Lily LOVED every single second of Elsa's visit.

Elsa is a beautiful young lady named Meigan, she owns Miss Meighan's Magic where she provides event entertainment by bringing magic into your child's life as a princess...  Meighan was splendid and exceeded all of our expectations.  If you are local to us, please contact her for your next Princess Party!

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