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DIY Party: Super Hero Birthday Party Games

Beth Kassay

Super Hero Birthday Party (87)

Super Hero Birthday Party (132)

Tamar, of Tamar Invitations, designed a Pin the Shield on Superman Game for us...  It really is quite simple, grabbing inspiration from Lily's Mad Hatter Tea Party and the game Pin the Smile on
the Cheshire Cat
; I created Pin the Shield on Superman!  I asked Tamar to design a 2ft x 2ft poster which I brought to the local printer for printing.

To create the shields for pinning, I simple printed out extra shields from the place card holders she designed!  And this time I was sure to use double stick tape...  But my tape was a little too strong, once it was stuck, there was NO moving it, which the kids didn't like all too much...  Now I know for next time...

Super Hero Birthday Party (79)

Spiderman's Web Slinging Training

This is part of Zach's Super Hero Birthday Party which I can take ZERO credit for.  After I updated Andrew on the party games planned (Pin the Shield on Superman), Andrew wanted to have a second game, just-in-case.

He wanted something Spiderman related and devised this party game...  Spiderman's Web Slinging Training!  Which was a complete HOOT!  Basically, Andrew researched the internet for for Spiderman villains and printed them from the computer at a large size.  Then I found Silly String from our local Dollar Tree (which was on sale because it was Halloween)!  And Voila...  Spiderman's Web Slinging Training!

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Yes, there was a hitch, the Dads needed to get involved because the kids' hands were too little to hold the Silly String canister and press the button...  But I think secretly, the Dads enjoyed it just as much as the kids did!

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